Cutie Mark:


Sexual Orientation:




Combat Ranking:

B or C

As a little filly growing up in a mansion in the country, little Zee was bored. Terribly so. Often wandering in the woods, she longed for company, and above all, someone that cared about her. Her rich parents didn't, and her nanny wasn't the best, so when she met a stranger in the woods, she latched on, hoping for a friend. She found it, in the form of the demon smith Gommorah. The demon she met that day sent her on a long and dark path, during which she found out her talent: being a b... Witch. With a natural talent for Illusions and brewery, she set out on a quest for power. Over the years, she's made deals with demons and devils of all sorts, the standard bargain. Knowledge and Power for a soul. She's been sly enough to keep hers to herself though. Over the last ten years, she's been collecting a set of demon forged pistols called the Four Horsemen. They aren't god killers though, let me explain.

The Four Horsemen. While they use her energy as projectiles, they aren't that much stronger than a regular high caliber pistol. She wears them on the back of each hoof, and it works like a high heel. The special thing is, they are meant to be used against the residents of heaven and hell. They work against mortals, but mortal guns can't harm an angel These can. They also fire as fast as she can muster the energy. Whether she wants to use a buster cannon magic blast( slow, takes a lot of energy, leaves her drained) or a rapid fire hail of 9mm sized blasts. More on quad wielding later.

After she found the last piece of her set, she was mysteriously transported to the mansion. With it's abundance of innocent souls, infinite rescources, and demonic influence, she's interested in staying, at least for a while.

Mysterious, playful, and teasing, Zee is always smug and sarcastic. She tends to think on situations before charging in, and never let's her motives become clear before it's too late. She's always five steps ahead of where you think you are, and is never afraid to play dirty to win. She's raised in a rich family though, so that's led to a few things. She's somewhat picky, and doesn't like filth or annoyances. She particularly hates cockroaches and crying babies... A crying baby cockroach would be truly terrible... In any event, she's snooty. She plays life like a game, which means she hates to lose. And deep down, she's a coward, and will run away from a fight she can't win. There's honor down there, buried underneath the eroticism, wit, and plotting. She also will never harm a child.

Zee is a witch, which means an illusionist and potion maker. Think Zecora. Good with cauldrons and magic dust. Zee's illusions are extremely advanced, and can fool every sense except taste. She's a bad cook, and could never nail down flavors. But her illusions will look, feel, sound, and smell very real. Her potions take much time to brew, and also use rare and sometimes gruesome ingredients. She gets these with the remainder of her daddies money, and with her deals with demons.

As for other talents that she's good at, but isn't brilliant, she's naturally agile and flexible... Poledancing may or may not have been in her past. In her travels she's met many things that can't be solved with illusions or potions. Those problems are usually solved by guns. Her quad pistols are worn on her hooves like high heels, and she's jump, flex, twist, even breakdance, while firing and taking on multiple enemies. A personal favorite of hers is the bullet slap. Slap an enemy with a gun and pull the trigger. A nice hole in their head is usually the outcome.

She really doesn't care what gender you are, but a romance isn't likely to happen. She leads a dark, hard, and fast life, and she usually hits it and quits it. True love would be rare.

using her grace, agility, and flexibility in combat, she excels at taking them down from range with the Four. She can also pistol whip and kick her way out of a brawl. However, she's a lady, and physically frail. She can dish it out, but when it comes to taking it... She bruises easily. A rank B or C.

As much as she may seem like an antagonist, she hasn't picked a side. She's not evil, and she certainly isn't good, and she isn't too nice either. She's deciding.

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