Victory Molotov




Unicorn/human hybrid



Cutie Mark:

A golden crown with a sword inside of it

Sexual Orientation:




Combat Ranking:


She used to be a princess, daughter to a rich king and queen. But all was not well in the small sovereign nation of Onveria. The Molotovs were, all of them, tyrants. They bled their country dry of its' resources for their own selfish ends. They taxed the land, the peasants, the wildlife, the flora, anything that had something to surrender. Whether or not it was inanimate seemed irrelevant. This continued for a time. Before the land and it's people conspired against the Molotovs. The weeds choked their castle. The land around their castle became a marsh. The wildlife produced no milk or honey, and the peasants revolted and had her parents executed. Victory herself fled and has since been living in exile. Hoping to one day amass power and return to her nation and take, what she considers, her rightful place on the throne. But for the moment, she wanders lost and aimless. Primarily she is spoiled in a sense. She is used to having the best, and only the best will suffice. She feels being forced to live on a smaller means is far beneath her. She looks down on all who are not royalty. She does what she pleases, often with little regard to those around her. Her sense of pride is strong, often too strong; as it will cause her to refuse to backdown even when backing down is advantageous to her continued existence. She has the iron will of a ruler, but no longer has a nation for which to rule from.

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