Twisted Hearts
Twisted Hearts







Cutie Mark:

A Twisted, tribal looking, black heart

Sexual Orientation:





She basically ran off, scared that as she was growing up she would hurt the people she loved and cared for, due to the fact she couldn't really control herself. Though, she just wanted to be cared for and not scare away the people she liked, she couldn't help it.

She never had many friends and when she did get one of two, they wound up running off because she was so different, and frighting when her powers truly shone. Some of her friends feared her darkness. So Twisted Hearts was alone, branded by a mark of a black, twisted heart only to symbolize her desire to have something to hold onto while the darkness lurked within her.

She was around 7-8 when her cutie mark came in, it was also the day she ran off. Her entire mane began to float like a dark cloud and smoked. She was a small filly and her eyes were wide with fear as the ponies around her began to back away, saying scared remarks, while the darkness expanded, trying to grab ponies. She feared so she ran, swearing that she would control it someday. She still runs to this day, and finds her self in various circumstances to add to her life.


She can be very timid and shy, not really talking much to the people around her, unless she somewhat knows them. She looks frightning but in all actuality, she is gentle. She tends to also be fairly clumsy as well.

Power/Ability Info:

She controls darkness. She can make shrouds to hide herself from enemies or can use the darkness as a long range attack, capable of sneaking up and pulling a pony into darkness. She doesn't really enjoy fighting though. She also tends to be able to hide easily in the dark, or darker places.

When she looses focus on her darkness, usually inflicted by emotional stress or an inability to really concetrate on maintaining it, it will spread iside of her, like a human parasite, forcing its way out of her body. She will begin to choke, her eyes roll, and her body have small changes happen. It is extremely painful and if it does go too far, it can change her entire being, making her no longer the soft, shy pony she normally is.

Changing her..forever.


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