Turbo Candy
Turbo Candy







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A day like any other was passing people by in the universes of Lotus 9 and the powerful Betelgeuse when something went horribly wrong. In the first universe, a scientist had just figured out how to harness energy from a stationary magnet powerful enough to provide for all his people, but the experiment failed miserably. However, things slowly bargain to change. for at the same time a wizard in Betelgeuse was trying to hide his baby daughter in the 'void'. However this proved to be the tipping point for both worlds. All at once they fought in a passive attempt to not event get close to one another boarders, but it was all in vain. Some say the father in the child wrapped himself around his born to protect her from the blinding light, others say the flux in time caused her to age till she was coherent enough to escape into the oblivious mansion. All she knows is her name. She can use minor magic for defense, but dose not see the point in learning attack spells as hurting people is pointless in her mind.

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