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Theta Vanish

Character Name: Theta Vanish

Age: 28 years

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: Straight

Cutie Mark: Theta (Greek symbol); representative of a special talent in mathematics

Species: Unicorn

Fighting Ability: F

Personality Description: Theta is a generally antisocial pony. While polite in social settings, he doesn't actively communicate with others. His past life has led him to be depressed and untrusting of relationships with others. Upon opening up to others, however, he is a very caring and intimate stallion with a servant's heart. He holds moral values in high regard. He is quite sensitive at heart and is known to take things somewhat personally

Relationships: Husband to Iridescence.

History: Theta Vanish was born in Hoffington on June 16, 1985. His father, Artemis Phi, was a famous professor at Hoofington University. During his career at the university, he and his secretary, a unicorn by the name of Majeste, became part of an affair. Theta was born as a result of the affair. Unfortunately, Majeste was unwilling to take responsibility for the child and left him in the hooves of Artemis. The affair and newborn child later resulted in the downfall of the professor's career.

The trademark feature that sets him apart from the majority of ponies is the fact that he was born blind. Suffering from Bleeding Eye Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that destroyed his sight and changed the color of his irises to red, he has been essentially rendered disabled. The combination of his disability and the unnatural eye color had created a powerful social stigma; his peers and superiors believed him to be some sort of monster. Artemis Phi even declared him to be the cause of his failures and made him the target of verbal abuse and neglect.

Tired of being the target of hate, he left home at the age of 19 years old and moved to Canterlot, where he served as a part time tutor and earned his degree in mathematics education. He quickly got a job in teaching in the Canterlot Public School in the city's north district and retained the position for four years. However, much to his dismay, he was still the subject of discrimination by the student body and some of the faculty.

Upon the completion of his most recent school year, he felt it necessary to take a temporary leave from Canterlot and left for Ponyville. He wound up becoming utterly lost and was forced to wander until he found Obliviouspony's Mansion, where he is currently residing.

Since his arrival into the mansion, he's been under an emotional struggle that nearly cost him his life at his own hooves. Hopelessness and depression left his mind in utter darkness. Thankfully, the residents of the mansion were unlike those of his hometown. He met the local griffon and grim reaper, Pareidolia Cloud, who was able to help lift his spirits and give him a new lease on life. However, his emotions were still quite vulnerable. For a short time, he found an interest to be with Dolia as a lover due to his deep desire to find the one who he could love and be loved back by. The interest caused him to experience a potentially horrendous conflict with Dolia's fiance, but the crisis was averted. After having done some sould searching, he decided to step back and open his heart to whomever fate had in store for him.

"Fate, as it seems, is not without a sense of irony." A quote by Lawrence Fishburne that couldn't be more accurate when Theta met Iridiscence. The two had met by sheer happenstance because the stallion was singing to himself; it was an escpapist behavior that unknowingly landed him the love of his life. The two had taken time to talk and get to know one another much like any couple would. Theta's nonexistent eyesight, though, proved to be a kind of filter that helped him see who the model mare really was on the inside. He found himself falling for a mare that was compassionate, caring, undeniably sweet, understanding, eager to learn, and (from the information he COULD ascertain), beautiful. Within a few weeks, they had begun a tightly-knit romantic relationship and later became engaged.

Shortly after his engagement to Iridescence, an unknown entity approached Theta, presumably an angel, questioned him about his views on love. Satisfied with his response, the being gave him the miraculous gift of sight. However, this gift was not permanent. The being stated that his vision would fail once more on the day that he would be married to his fiance. Theta then patiently waited for Iridescence's return, desiring to see the one thing he wanted more than anything: her.

Theta and Iridescence were wed shortly after her return from work and they lived happily together, raising their daughter, Maribelle Vanish. However, the story was tragically cut short for Vanish and his family. During another phase of his still lingering depression, Theta suffered from cardiac arrest. Medical examinations showed no probable cause. His untimely passing occurred in the arms of his loving wife and baby girl within only minutes of his heart failing. His greiving wife, too distraught to handle the loss, committed suicide. Maribelle was left to cope with the loss of her father in the hands of Nova Rain and her eventual adoptive father, Kiruno.

The loss of Theta Vanish hit the members of the Oblivious Mansion family hard. Many grieved over his death, some believing that Theta himself committed suicide. It took time for them all to recognize and accept the truth, but in the end, the blind stallion left behind a legacy of love, kindness, and selflessness that would impact the lives of ponies for years to come.

Other: As mentioned in the History section, Theta is a carrier of Bleeding Eye Syndrome, a genetic disorder that is present in 1 out of 400,000 ponies in the population. During formation in the fetal stages of life, capillaries began to form in and around the eyes. Unfortunately, the capillaries designated for the optic nerves were forming on the opposite side: on top of the irises. The lack of oxygen and nutrients to the optic nerves caused them to deteriorate to the point of uslessness. The only signs of it as a phylogenetic trait in a pony are irises colored red and vision tests showing the subject as being blind. Due to the rarity of this condition, there is no research into potential adverse health effects; any and all that do exist are merely unconfirmed speculation.

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