The Stranger
The Stranger




1/2 human 1/2 Daedric Prince



Cutie Mark:


Sexual Orientation:






He has a long and dark history full of violence, he doesn't remember arts of it, and that adds to his story arc, he is the Son of Vaermina, Daedric prince of dreams and nightmares, and he works for Molag Bal, Daedric prince of Domination, through his connections to these daedra he has a tendency to be violent, and imposing. he came to hits universe awhile ago looking for fragments of his soul, which had been taken as a prize in a bet with Clavicus Vile, through another bet he was able to gain the chance to regain it by finding its fragments, through his travels searching for the fragments he has met many other people and ponies in different universes. His personality is odd... it can change at a moments notice, and can go from being Dark and aggressive, to happy and shy in ten seconds flat. he has a tendency to be aggressive, he prefers to fight his battles himself instead of letting another fight for him.

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