Terra Faraday


Young adult


Earth pony



Cutie Mark:


Sexual Orientation:




Born in midwestern Equestria, Terra is the only daughter of a rock-farmer. Thus, her life was largely uneventful; however, as time passed, she grew and matured, and never found her cutie mark. Her parents had earned enough to retire safely, and so they sold the farm, moving into a small townhouse, and she left her home on a journey to discover her mark. Largely fruitless, it has led her to the Oblivious Mansion. Rock-farming is a slow, work-intensive profession; as such, Terra grew up patient and hard-working. She also has a strong sense of closeness to her parents, remaining long after she knew she had to leave, only departing after she was certain they were secure. She is also very frugal due to the financial circumstances of her upbringing. As a result of her journey, she has seen many strange things and is difficult to amaze or shock. Otherwise she is a fairly unexceptional farm girl. Her special talent is working with electrical devices; while primarily relating to high voltage, utility and analog devices, just about anything that runs on electricity is likely to be instinctively understood by her - or at least the electrical parts of it. Something like an electric clock, she can deal with the batteries, motor, etc. like a wizard, but fuck if she can even tell you what a grasshopper escape does; that part of the clock is beyond her. HOWEVER, she does not have her cutie mark yet. She is immune to electrical shock as a result of some freak property of her skin; the surface layer is highly conductive, and below that is dramatically less so, creating a Faraday cage and a layer of insulation. The cloak on her back is a sixteen-folded piece of thin, but enchanted, cloth which she purchased from a unicorn enchanter when preparing to leave; worn as a cape, it covers her shamefully blank flank on her journey, and unfolded, it is enchanted for thermally insulating and waterproofing properties, so can be used as a blanket on cold nights or stretched over a bush to keep dry on rainy ones. A side effect of this is that the fabric is resistant to very high or low temperatures. Aside from her skin and cloak, Terra has NO combat ability, and will only fight if cornered - and even then, poorly.

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