Sugar Skull


Young Adult


Earth Pony



Cutie Mark:

Candy Colored Pony Skull

Sexual Orientation:




Sugar had an ordinary childhood, learning to bake at a young age from her mother. However, in spite of her uncanny skill, her cutiemark still had not appeared. However, when she was in elementary school, her old granny Faith died. She was inconsolable at first, but calmed unnaturally fast - a matter of hours in fact. As soon as they returned home from the funeral, her parents sent for a psychologist, and she made for the kitchen. By the time the psychologist arrived, she was sitting contentedly at the dinner table, a half eaten cupcake in hoof, an empty tin at the other end of the table... And a brightly colored candy skull on her flank. She told her parents Faith herself had been comforting her. She eventually left town to travel, ostracized by everyone but her family for her frankly eerie talent; she sold her services as an exorcist where they were needed, and as a confectioner where they weren't, but quickly learned that wherever she went, the townsfolk would sooner or later be unsettled by her, and it was better to anticipate them than to wait for tension to come to a head. She's generally very cheerful, even in the face of sadness. The fact that her relatives are still with her in spite of their deaths gives her a different perspective on life and death itself - they're both journeys, not endpoints, and separations are temporary.

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