Steep "Boxie" Days
"Haste, less speed"




Earth Pony




Anchor with rope around it

Sexual Orientation:




Steep Days, or mainly know as "Boxie" to others, is white earth pony from northern part of Equestria. Born as colt, she got changed to a mare at Tortugan Incident. Moved to Oatville few moths after her father died.

Boxie hit her head at fairly young age, causing other eye's iris close completely. It doesn't bother her, altrough she can't see with that eye. Carries eye-patch with her, but doesn't bother to use it.

Her cutiemark is anchor with rope around it, often misunderstood being related to sailing, it resembles patience and hope.

Being long time alone, after her parents died, has made her cautious with others. Causing "freezing" on sudden physical contact, like hugs. Still, when drunk she can be very open and warmhearted, but unpredictable.

Caffeine addict.

The Tortugan Incident.Edit

After passed out on ChickenScratch's ship's bed for captain, ChickenScratch misunderstood her as Lt. Choria Meriam Dash, and after few minutes of cuddling, ChickenScratch realized the truth, kicking Boxie out of the bed.

After a fight on Black Pearl, Boxie just got in bigger problems, when stating that "Stallions are naturally stronger than mares".

Later on, Mystic Bolt managed to slip potion to Boxie's drink, causing her gender to change.

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