Silver Azide
Silver Azide


early 20s





Cutie Mark:

Erlenmeyer Flask with bubbles and a sylized explosion

Sexual Orientation:




Lived in the mining town of Roanopah, Neighvada. Her father was a blasting expert, although when he tried to pass down his skills, she didn't easily catch on to the engineering aspects of the job. She ended up mostly staying indoors, playing Wyverns and Wastelands with her other more shut-in friends like Dusty Page. When her father pressured her to be some help around the house, she cooked up a batch of TNT. Because of the large stretches of surrounding desert inhibiting communications, Roanopah's miners were unfamiliar with the substance, and it proved highly effective in the mines. This is how she got her cutie mark. Some time after her other friends moved away, she spread her wings and took flight for a place she could market her more exotic concoctions effectively. Bookish and shy, Silver tends to be narrow in her focus and difficult to distract - or gain her attention, if it's on someone or something else. Like just about anyone else from Neighvada, she loves to watch shit get blown up, although she's not good at doing so herself (see "other"). Her special talent is manufacture and safe handling of explosive compounds. She has uncanny luck with such substances - whether it's an unstable substance miraculously failing to go off, or a more stable one refusing to. Cutie mark is an Erlenmeyer flask with bubbles and a stylized explosion. While she enjoys watching explosions, the fact is her talent is being good at NOT setting off her wares. Also, this makes her somewhat effective at disarming munitions - her lack of skill with electronics means that the least countermeasure will stop her, however. In addition to this she's relatively good at disposing of degraded munitions, though the nature of degraded explosives is that they're usually highly sensitive.

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