Sergeant Vigil
REA up against the wall
"Do what is right, simply because it is so."







Cutie Mark:

Sword & Shield

Sexual Orientation:




Combat Ranking:


Vigil is a Canterlot-born stallion of noble birth. However, unlike most of his status, he disagrees with the aristocracy, and he left home against his father's wishes to join the military. Vigil is a very noble sort, very traditional, and he tries to be fair and kind as best as he can. However, should you get the bright idea to break the law or act like an utter fool in front of him, he won't hesitate to speak with harsh candor about his opinion of you. He is a strong leader, and he won't give in to his enemies, whomever they may be.

Since his arrival at the Mansion, Vigil's life has taken two turns, both being the complete antithesis the other.

First was Vigil's unexpected promotion to Sergeant, a move that skipped three entire ranks in the process. It came to light that his vindictive father had paid off Canterlot higher-ups to push the promotion through, under the ruse that the position was open and he was deemed the best to fill it. It was in fact an uncharacteristically genius power play by his father, as the promotion would forever marr Vigil's career with a false promotion that the higher-ups would not let him deny, as it would spark allegations against them of taking bribes. Even with all this, Vigil has since done extremely well in his new position despite his lack of experience, he seems to possess an innate knack for the sort of thing.

Not everything that has befell Vigil has been bad, no no, quite the opposite. For while at the mansion, Vigil met Clementine. Clementine is a local orange farmer, and she is spunky, strong-willed, vibrant, vivacious, and beautiful. Vigil got to know Clementine, and he quickly found himself falling for her. In a bold move, Vigil exposed his feelings to her, and to his shock, she reciprocated them. Ever since, his life has changed so much for the better; he feels happier, livelier, stronger, more confident, and just being around her can take him from the sourest of moods to total bliss in an instant. As time has gone on, he has felt his fondness for her grow into adoration and then to love. The best part is that she is with him in this, they seem to complete each other.

Vigil and Clementine are the co-proprietors of the nearby Orange Juice Café, a spinoff thread of the mansion, separate but on the same timeline and canon.

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