Second Sight
Second Sight


200 years


Unicorn / Equus Astartes



Cutie Mark:


Sexual Orientation:




Iron Sights may be the Master of the Sons of Equestria, but Second Sight is the voice of the Chapter. He is often away from the mansion on business that pertains to the Sons, and he carries Iron's authority with him wherever he goes. Second is the Chief Librarian of the Sons, meaning that he is second in rank only to Iron himself, and his peers are the Reclusiarch of the Chaplains, the Master of the Forge, and the head of the Apothecarion. Second is the opposite of Jet Stream; where the young Marine sergeant appeals to the Chapter Master's emotional side, Second Sight will attempt to sway their Master to take the logical course of action. As such, the two Marines form an important pair; Iron can hear both sides of the argument and then fairly choose for himself the best course of action. As opposed to Jet's often passionate emotional outbursts, Second Sight is distant and calculating. He makes it a point to separate himself from non-Astartes, but that doesn't mean he is unkind towards them; any that have ever met him have been greeted with the utmost respect. No non-Astartes has ever seen Second's cutie mark, and it remains an unknown factor as of now. However, his special talent is true to his name: Second Sight is a skilled telepath, allowing him to effortlessly communicate with others over long distances. Those that have fallen under his scrutiny often feel as if he's staring directly into their soul... and he very well may be doing just that. He isn't skilled with combat magic in the physical plane, but he's been known to fiercely fend off attacks from the astral plane; it is mostly thanks to him and his Librarians that the mansion isn't under constant attack from demons and other such creatures.

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