Name: Sawyer
Sawyer dowant

Age: 24 Years

Gender: Female

Species: Feline

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationships: Married to Blackjack

Personality: Sawyer is the kind of cat who pulls no punches. She will often speak her mind, whether or not it's something that others really want to hear. For her own amusement, she will often exploit the attractive features of her body to tease other men around her. Despite the apparently, she is a sweet and caring young feline with others' interests at heart.

History: Sawyer previously was contracted with Farley Wink Animal Acting Agency in Hollywood, California for eight years. Until a major break that occured at the same time as a murder scandal involving child actress, Darla Dimple, she served as the secretary of the same agency. She was featured as the lead actress in popular musical adaptions of films including "The Mask," "Indiana Jones," "Free Willy," "Men In Black," and a minor role in "A Few Good Men." However, working on multiple films without downtime in between forced her paw and she left Hollywood for a much-needed hiatus.

During her time in the acting business, she met an orange tabby named Danny, a cat with big dreams of seeing his name in lights. Attracted to his ambitious personality and , the two entered a romantic relationship in weeks. The romance fell apart however, when Danny became caught up in the life of a celebrity and put his fame ahead of Sawyer. Hurt by this, she separated from Danny about a few years before leaving Hollywood.

Upon entering the mansion, she quickly found herself falling for not one, but two stallions: Rush and Blackjack. The love triangle caused emotional turmoil for all three, but was eventually resolved when Rush found Zee and Sawyer set her heart on Blackjack. The two became a married couple and adopted a colt named Midnight Sparkle. Since then, the feline has found herself satisfied where she is in her life.