Samantha Aeor




Unicorn, Lich



Cutie Mark:

Skull(Demon Flames)

Sexual Orientation:




Combat Ranking:


Samantha was abducted as a little filly at the age of five by an insane necromancer, like most random villainous people he was a moron that liked to kill things with little redeemable traits. Samantha had a harsh life watching the other children be….brutally murdered upon their failure in the dark arts of magic. She awoke each morning to a terrible set of tests most involving physical pain, it was natural she went very insane throughout. Over time her desire to kill increased most definitely, she worked through her training at a slow climb, it was dreadfully painful. She murdered her master in her sleep after 15 hellish years of training. After murdering her family and enjoying their blood she set out to become a lich, it was better than getting murdered in your sleep, though the lack of physical feeling is rather bad. She journeyed into a desert with little food along with an expedition of a group of clerics seeking to destroy the scrolls holding the secret of becoming a lich, Samantha being a rather. Cowardl-strategic fighter put a few marks of death on their armor as to kill them when they reached the scrolls and absorbed all of the damage. They battled through wave after wave of undead soldier until they finally reached the scrolls. As the cleric attempted to destroy the wretched parchments Samantha activated the runes and laughed to herself as they all fell to the grasp of death. Murder was easy. After retrieving the scrolls she began work on crafting a phylactery, a magic item used to bind ones soul to it, allowing an escape from passing on into the next realm. She crafted hers out of a pendant worn by her master, she enjoyed the design, as it was formed Samantha experienced lonliness having murdered her original party in cold blood and being lost in the middle of the desert. She completed the phylactery before she died of hypothermia luckily. As for the ritual she drank a strong poison, killing her. The phylactery grasped at her soul. It dragged her into her own corpse. A feeling of emptiness surrounded her, she had trouble at first comprehending the navigation of the physical world without feeling but eventually managed her mind telling her what was going on in a more solid form of language than that of physical pain, if she was burning she would be aware of it as well as if she were stabbed. But having no actual sensory parts the only thing that causes her pain is holy energies, and they burn hellishly. She can still be damaged by conventional means though. She returned to her homelands and began a rampage of, random fury towards things…this was a slight side effect of throwing your soul around without studying that far into the effects on your mind her insanity finally stopped when Lights Grandfather kicked her off of a bridge, she wound up fighting in a war with him. It was a fantastic way to practice the dark arts. It helped her improve in her skills. She basically did nothing but make her house using undead legionnaires until 1990 which is when she relaxed for a while feeling content. Around 2011ish she decided to interact with people because her minions demanded she stop being an anti-social crazy person for a while. She is also making an attempt not to break the law or act extremely far off the deep end when people are around.

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