Cutie Mark:

Runed circle

Sexual Orientation:




Sagestaff was born in a small, border town, with a unicorn enchanter mother and a pegasus treasure-hunter father. When he was 6, he gained his cutie mark, a runed circle, when he was playing with some of his mother's enchanted objects. At the age of 16, the town was attacked by a rouge group of gryphon bandits and razed. He is immediately wary of any gryphon he meets because of this. His mother and father were both killed, along with most of his freinds and the townsfolk. In this attack, his right wing was damaged, and is still damaged to this day. He only survived by hiding under a burning wardrobe, which made him claustrophobic. After this, he salvaged what he could and left the town with whatever food he could find. He's been wandering Equestria ever since, and has gained moderate survival skills because of it. Sagestaff is typicly introvert, and doesn't tend to make freinds quickly. However, past this, he is generally a nice person. Sagestaff's special talent is enchantments, while he can't actually make them himself, he's knowlageable on them and seems to exactly know the effects and use of enchanted items and magical traps, and when he uses them, he tends to be better at them than other ponies. His cutie mark is a runed circle, which is not visibile under his cloak most of the time. Sagestaff owns two magical items, his enchanted cloak, which is toughened and hard to tear, and allows him to survive in moderate hot/cold situations for extended peroids of time (IE: He's going to be fine if it's scorching hot outside, or in the artic, but if the conditions are too extreme, he might be able to survive for a short peroid of time, but not forever.) His magical staff, which he controls with the band on his leg, and is controlled similair to unicorn magic, except with hoof movements. The staff cannot move too far away from Sagestaff before it falls out of the magical influence of the legband, but he could throw it at someone if he wanted to. Also, it's extremely strong and resistant to cutting attacks, you're going to need a lot of force to break the staff.

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