The Horizons hold my destiny




Earth Pony



Cutie Mark:

A Black Rift Scar

Sexual Orientation:




Combat Level


This Character is the 100th character in AOS

A blank slate in the oddest sense. His history has been taken away countless times form an unknown mysterious force. He has no recollection of his past nor about anything that may have triggered the amnesia. But before this:
An average colt that at a young age decided to take his hand at a life of a monk. Being a peaceful heart he also has been very profound in the ways of martial arts and close combat. On his journey he was given a vision. A vision of his potential and what his future holds. Sadly it was never made clear and his travels to find it led him to a gypsy. She saw his future and saw what it meant. Unknown to why she cursed him to never remember anything that happened or to ever know what his true reason of life is until it is fulfilled. So he travels the land to try to find what he was meant to do.

At the monastary that he resided for the last 4 years, he befriended a pair of Unicorn Siblings that call themselves Omega and Trip, along with a hawaiin Gryphon named Big Kahuna. While there, Rush trained under the head monk, looking up to him as a father figure. Kahuna, looking to be as good or better than everyone, Decided to butt heads with Rush, becoming his best frenemy, The Knuckles to Rush's Sonic. Along with learning martial arts, Rush also became very adapt at archery. They found a 20 year old Rush unconcious in the nearby valley, almost dead from hunger and dehydration. Oddly enough all his longterm memory remained intact. They restored him to perfect health and offered a place to stay.

The four are extremely close friends, Omega being like the sister to Rush, Trip, the nerdy computer geek, and Big Kahuna, the tough as nails, arrogant gryphon that strives in bettering himself. But in the last year of Rush's stay, the head monk feel deathly ill. On his deathbed, Rush was distraught with anguish that he ran away. He landed at the mansion not too long afterwards but still looks at the mountains where he stayed longingly.

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