Royal Loyal







Cutie Mark:

Queen chess piece in red

Sexual Orientation:




Born in Big Apple, Royal Loyal and her family stayed comfortably with her father's job in tailoring. Her parents were gifted unicorns, and were planning to send her to the School of Gifted Unicorns made by Princess Celestia. Unfortunately, her parents died in an accident on their way back from Canterlot. However, despite this circumstance thrown at her, she's done her best to cope with her feelings. Lonely and resentful, she started the School year being a student with only school in mind. By being introduced to her friends, Gallant Shield and Bronze Lionheart, she's softened up a bit and enjoys her classes. Unfortunately... Gallant tends to annoy her. As the family that isn't a family, Royal seems to be getting along just fine without her parents now that she's a mare and not a filly. He is a bit aloof but also to the point. She is tactful and will do white lies for people she considers and enjoys being around. For those she doesn't, she still politely respects them. She can be horribly stubborn and her resentments from her past can make her not budge on certain issues. Her cutiemark is a Queen Chess Piece in Red, denoting her strategic mind and her loyal tendency to her friends.

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