Risar Umbra
Bat horse by annasko-d6vr11y




Bat Pony



Cutie Mark:


Sexual Orientation:




Combat Ranking:


(B in sunlight)

Born to the same parents as Anana Umbra, twelve years before his younger sister, Risar was already as engrossed in military and royal guard studies as one could be, by the time the little filly joined the family. At first, he had quite the typical reaction to the new addition. However, enough nights of babysitting and watching over a younger sibling can change opinions in even the most resolute and steadfast siblings, and, eventually, Risar began realizing that the young mare was quickly becomming his best friend. Eventually, at eighteen, Risar entered the Equestrian armed forces, opting for border watch, along some of the kingdom’s most volitile areas. He and Anna continued sending letters back and forth, Anna detailing her life and school, and Risar talking about things he could, and deemed appropriate for his young sister. He reupped three times through his military career, declining his fourth, after hearing that Anna had gone out into the world to make her name. Half wanting to see her, and half wanting to make sure she stayed safe, Risar declined, when the offer to extend his contract came up. After twelve years of military training and application, and years of studying and preparing with his father and grandfather, Risar was finally able to do what he wanted, and go where he wanted. Natrually, he went straight after Anna, after a quick stop in Canterlot, to find out exactly where she had gone. After a few days of travel, and a bit of luck with directions, he’s finally arrived at the gates of the mansion.

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