Ranger Lawence
Ranger Lawson







Cutie Mark:


Sexual Orientation:




Ranger was born in 1992, But his Childhood wasn't very bright. When he was 8, His Father died, and he inherited his Dog tags. Little did Ranger realize that his Dog Tags possessed a strange power. During his teenager years, Ranger was known for his hunting skills, but he always kept his father's Dog tags as an important memory for him. In 2010, he joined the Equestrian Army as Sergeant, but became Captain after Leading a Squad under enemy fire in a withdraw from a Enemy encampment. two weeks Later, During Operation: Broken Wing, Ranger learned that when harnessing the power of his father's Dog Tags, He could Fire a Rainbow Bullet, an extremly powerful Bullet that fires at Sound-shattering speeds and can demolish anything in its range. But then Ranger had a turn for the worst... After shooting 4 people and killing one of them in the Mansion, He lost his Military Rank and memory, and has lost almost everyone's trust. Now, after being released from Jail and becoming known as a Former Fugitive, Ranger is trying to regain the importance and trust he lost and learn the powers and possibilities of his father's Dog Tags, using them for the greater good.

Ranger's Weapons and Equipment:

P99, M69HE Frag, and his Father's Dog Tags.

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