Rainbow (Crash) Dash







Cutie Mark:

She still has the same cutie mark, but barely keeps up with her special talent anymore due to her depression over it failing her.

Sexual Orientation:

Mare, stallion, doesn't make a difference to her. She's had some hard breakups in the past due to horrible partners who used her. She also can be a bit oblivious to other's advances.



Combat Ranking:


Award Officer
This user is an AOS Canon officer.

Personality: At first, she could act cold towards someone, depending on her mood. She does try to be friendly, and is sort of on the defensive side due to some past experiences in her new field of work. Alcohol has several effects on her mood, depending on what she drinks.

Rainbow “Crash” Dash was once a proud, loyal, cocky, fast-as-lightning pony of Equestria who's saved the kingdom with her friends, is now a broken, husk of herself. Fallen on hard times after one incident during the "Best Young Flyer's Competition", her friend Rarity had her synthetic wings burn up, which caused her to plummet to the ground, as well as some of her idols who had tried a daring rescue that had been disrupted in the process. The dimension then began to collapse in on itself, causing several odd rifts to open up. She had managed to fly through one as she was flung back from the funnel the Rainboom created. Awakening in this darker looking Equestria, she laid low. She took up a new hobby of drinking, and selling herself to try to get the money to fuel her newfound addiction caused by the depression she was thrown into over the incident. She eventually got into a mix-up with a Devil pony, and a demigod, both looking to buy her soul. She decided to turn it into a game, seeing what she could get out of the deal with each before siding with either. In her state of mind, which happened to be "completely wasted", she thought it was hilarious. She eventually sided with the Devil Pony, and got several things from the deal, one being a black halo that had blue fire emanating around it. Not long after that, the same Devil came looking for her. In the contract was a clause where Crash would have to serve under her if something came up. This new threat, codenamed "The Chaos", was threatening to break down and consume all life. Crash took up a position in an army of Hell as the Devil's Second in Command, gathering other souls to be under her using contracts the individual would sign. With this new army, they took on this threat for what seemed like years, with each side making little attacks, and her side researching the enemy. Her army eventually got to business and brought the fight to the cause of the plague. Her side won in the end, but not without several casualties. The Devil Pony was generous enough to revive the ones lost in that battle, letting them all go free with their souls intact. Her contract was broken, and her life returned back to how it was before the army. Crash went off to find a different town, slowly going back to her depressed state over a short time. This was caused by the constant screams and visions she'd have of the damned in Hell. She even experienced her own torture, feeling every little detail of her vision. This was when she would turn back to her hobby of drinking, she had hoped it would relieve these nightmares, but they still happened frequently. These dreams eventually got into her day-by-day routine, where she'd be seen writhing in pain around different parts of the town. As a couple years passed, it lessened more and more. She was able to get back to her "normal" routine for a little while before meeting a kind, generous pony who eventually took her in. This mare told Crash about the mansion in their conversations, and Crash took it upon herself to go and see what it was, eventually taking residence in the mansion.  

Resident Stable Arc: Crash helped Page defend his airship against an alternate version of himself. She learned how to control the weaponry aboard Page's ship, being coached by Page himself. In Herbal Inc. she was severely damaged by an alternate version of herself that was a hulking monster, resembling Discord. Pill Popper injected her with a virus that she had perfected, which gave Crash an exoskeleton and a new weapon, a Glaive. She has no idea how to use these efficently in combat.

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