Proton & Samael


1 1/2


CAST model androids


1 Female 1 Male

Cutie Mark:


Sexual Orientation:




Combat Ranking:

B & C

Manufactured as "brother and sister", this Ranger and Hunter team were built to function together. They can, and often do, act on their own, but are best as a team of two. Shortly after rolling off the assembly line on Pioneer 2, they were sent to the surface of Ragol to resolve the crisis resulting from the mysterious explosion; while there was no way to save the thousands of slain, they were able to reach and reseal the cause of the crisis: the deity Dark Falz. Afterwards the incident of the Flowen Corruption was brought to light; this, too, they were sent to deal with, after Heathcliffe Flowen and the AI Olga were corrupted and fused by Dark Falz's residual power. They were not the only Hunters sent to resolve these incidents, but they WERE the only ones to survive. Whether this was by luck or high combat prowess is uncertain. After this, an accident with the Pioneer 2 shipboard teleporter sent them to the hub universe, and they would soon stumble upon the Mansion. Proton is cowardly, self-centered, conniving, trollish, petty and spiteful. She typically lets Samael take the lumps, in spite of her own exceptional durability, and fires ranged weapons from afar. Best described as a bitch. Samael is stupid, blunt, submissive, aggressive and short of temper, and will start a fight with little provocation - and then seldom, if ever, objects to Proton's use of his body as a shield. Best described as a meathead, in spite of the fact that he's not made of meat. Because of their inbuilt bond, if one gets themselves into trouble, the other will feel a need to help bail them out. Further, this bond runs very deep - if one is irreversibly destroyed, the other will very likely self-destruct.

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