Young Adult





Cutie Mark:

A sun rising over dark mountains

Sexual Orientation:




Pollyanna grew up in Canterlot with her parents, an only foal. She made a number of friends there, some of which were heavy academic types. When she was a young foal, one of her friends' pet cat died; said friend was distraught for a week, and Polly went to visit him, concerned that she had not seen him for so long. Later that day, the colt was out playing with her and their other friends; he was still grieving, of course, but healthfully. Thus did Pollyanna gain her Cutie Mark. After this, she went from town to town, resolving conflicts, healing the sick, doing all she could to brighten others' days. Some time later, she found most of what she was doig was travelling; very little strife existed in equestria, and for every day she lifted, she spent a week on the road. Her journey took her back to Canterlot to visit an old friend; he was now a professor of multidimensional studies at the Canterlot University. She asked him to send her somewhere where she could do more, and make proper use of her talent; he did as she requested, using an experimental spell to transport her to the hub dimension.

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