Pixel Dust







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Pixel was born in Scoltland to a loving father and mother, as well as nine other brothers. Being the youngest of the brood, she was doted on by her mother, and especially her father, since she was the only daughter. However, as she grew older, she simply began to fall through the cracks, recieving less and less attention from her parents and brothers as increasing financial concerns piled upon them, as well as her father recieving pressure from work and her mother having to deal with nine colts, several of them beginning to leave home (as by this time they would have been around that age, if not older). But! Instead of becoming sullen and drawn in, Pixel began to clamber for attention. One such incident, was when she built a crude rocket out of cornmeal and congealed gravy. It blew up a potato silo. Her parents were obviously not thrilled with this outcome, confining her to her "room" for several weekends. However, it was during this escapade that she earned her cutie mark, and learned of her near obsession with mechanics. Soon after, she began almost obsessively building things, from cotton gins (which were useless on a potato farm) to mixing nitroglycerin (also useless on a potato farm). Her hobby eventually caught the attention of some unnamed technical college in Equestria, who offered her incentive to leave home and enroll. She did, and graduated two years ahead of anyone else (She's obsessive), and left to join Equestria's workforce. Which she didn't. She instead rigged up a decomissioned B-25 bomber, turning it into a house/vertical-take-off airplane/laboratory, and began flying all over the world. Obsessed with near anything mechanical; an attention whore. Bubbly personality for the most part, but becomes frustrated easily when she doesn't understand things.

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