Olivia Regina Bolt


90 but looks 20





Cutie Mark:

A song note in a heart

Sexual Orientation:



Mother: Mystic Bolt

Combat Ranking:


History: born in Hooflyn in the start of the roaring twenties and cared for by her mother Mystic Bolt she grew up not knowing her father....hell mystic couldn't remember either!...realizing that she was in the wrong bod at young age she started playing dress up with her mother's dresses mystic being mystic she encouraged this but stopped her from going outside with it. olivia at age twenty was drafted in the royal army and had to hide the fact that she was. she was shot and killed on d-day after taking out a bunker. decades past being trapped in vaecordia. then when mystic thought the time was right for her beloved daughter to return she dragged her out of vaecordia and with a little help brought her back from the dead. now mortal and being helped by pill popper she can finally have the life she was denied.   Personality: puts on a tough girl act, one you get to know her she's rather sweet.  Had a sexchange via SCP-113. Which was preformed by Pill Popper.

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