Cutie Mark:

Transmutation Circle

Sexual Orientation:




A young, brash unicorn with extensive knowledge on alchemy and summoning. He was born into a very rich family and was encouraged to go into the family business of fashion. He, of course, rejected this and wanted to go into something different, but he wasn't sure what. One day, he was walking around town, skipping sewing class, when he came upon an old library. He entered the library and was entranced with all the books. As far as he could tell the library was compltely abandoned for some reason. He decided to fix it up and make it his own, personal hideout. After a lot of tough work, he renovated the broken down library. He was always caught skipping all of his lessons, studying and reading in the library. One day, he came upon a mysterious, dusty tome. He gave it a read and was amazed at the things he read. He read about many different, odd things in the book, but upon everything he read, was the subject of alchemy. It caught his interest and he devoted most of his time to alchemy. He grew very skilled and by the age of twelve he was able to synthesize a sword out of a pile of junk. Skilled. He earned his cutie mark, a transmutation circle, and was happier than ever. By the age of fourteen his alchemy was esteemed. But, since he was JUST a pony he couldn't master all fields of alchemy. Other than that, he was a skilled alchemist. At the age of fifteen he departed home, hoping to learn more on how to take on the alchemy he couldn't master himself. Due to the transmutation circle on his palm, he is able to synthesize on the spot and this often aids him in both dangerous situations and normal, everyday life. Now, sixteen he continues traveling and furthering his knowledge in general and in the forbidden fields of alchemy. While he may sounds wise and intelligent he is actually really upbeat and entergetic. He tries to avoid looking on the bad side of things and is always joking around and trying to make everyone happy. He can also be very childish and stubborn and hates losing.

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