Marla Anne Quinn







Cutie Mark:

3 Fuschia maple leaves

Sexual Orientation:




Combat Ranking:


Marla is a rather rotund mare who has had a troubled time recently getting out of a bit of trouble with... A mob boss... Let me explain, first. Whenever her and her little sister Nana would go to market, she would have been confronted by these evil gentlemen who would harass them and take their belongings. One day, these fellow got a bad run in with a Manehatten mob boss who saw his as a dire situation since he controlled the streets. Marla's sister foolishly offered that she would repay them. They wanted cold hard cash that their family did not have at the time. When this happened to become a problem with the mob not getting money, they took Marla away and kept her chained to a bed in their main headquarters and Nana had to become a master thief and slight biological weapon to pay off her debt. She and her sister were later saves by a group of newly made friends from a town Nana ran into and Marla had a chance to live a nice life and not be threatened with torture. She was never raped which she is thankful for while sh was tied to a bed ha anchored to the ground. She was tortured a bit as a threat to her sister to pay her debt. She wears a special outfit that makes it appear as if nothing at all has happened to her body when in reality, she has many scars and other rather unatractive and painful looking things. This would be an odd sight noticing the yellow bands on her back and hooves. She has been able to travel on her own but has a slight limp from her shackle to the bed she had been chained to.