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Maribelle Vanish

Name: Maribelle Vanish

Gender: Female

Age: 3 weeks

Race: Pegasus

Sexual Orientation: TBA

Special Talent/Cutie Mark: TBA

Combat Abillity: F

Personality Description: Maribelle is a shy and fearful foal who has little trust in the world she cannot see. After being with a pony for a long enough time, she will learn to develop trust in him or her and become more pleasant around them. Being that she cannot see, she very much relies on the closeness of other ponies, namely her parents.

History: Maribelle was born of a machine found in the medbay capable of genetic recombination. Upon Theta's discovery of the machine, it pulled his genome and the genome of his fiance of a stray hair on his coat to generate the foal. She is currently under Theta and Iridescence's care; at times, Pyro or Rush will babysit.

Other: Maribelle suffers from Bleeding Eye Syndrome like her father.