Mad Jack-In-The-Box


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King K. Rool's Frantic Factory puts out dangerous toys, unsafe and unsuitable for all ages, especially children. In a toy factory where there is no concern for health and safety, it takes a special toy indeed to be sent down the waste chute. ack Spent his entire existence in the bowels of the mad factory, wallowing in self pity and anger... Was he not a good toy? Was there something wrong? He only wanted to play! Mad Jack decided he would find others to play with and clawed his way back up the refuse chute and out the front doors, for such is the tenacity and iron will of a mad jack-in-the-box. After finding the biggest dollhouse in existence, Blivvy's Mansion, Jack crept into the basement where he belonged, and waited to be found. But soon he will grow tired of waiting and come out to play. Jack does not speak because he has no desire to communicate with others. He only wishes to "Play". His interpretation of the word, however, is quite loose. Regardless, he does have fun when others run and scream, and he does giggle in delight when he turns invisible and those searching for him can't find him... So I suppose it is playing for him. While both his demeanor and outward appearance imply that he is batshits insane, he is simply misguided. Jack is innocent and only wishes to spread joy, however he fails to comprehend what this measn and instead spreads terror and gloom.

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