Baba Vida Klearchos 1

The Lunar Guard outpost that is more affiliated with Seras Wisp is located in the nearest city to the mansion. Although it has been implied before that this city is /Oat/ville, no actual city name has been confirmed.

All across Equestria, there are five Lunar Guard Outposts, including this one. These facilities usually are given very specific purposes. The purpose of this one is to protect Equestria from outside threats, such as monsters, invaders, etc. It is ran by a commanding officer who stays in the outpost, who sends out squads or battalions lead by sergeants.

The structure of the facility itself is smaller than any average guard outpost, but it works just as efficiently; especially so with the Lunar Guard’s smaller force. It’s made out of wood and stone, and has bunkers all around. The main bunker can lead you to a stairway that goes down several floors deep. The entire facility’s design was made to confuse and maybe even trap intruders while also keeping equipment safe inside.

Thanks to the mansion’s odd encounters, this facility has managed to stay stable and keep its purpose in protecting Equestria. It has also developed an interest in some of the strange items (and sometimes creatures) that they managed to find. Out of the items they found, the beacon that would lead to the Orion Space Station would be one of the more useful ones. This item was found by Seras after hearing about a child who found a strange item in the woods, from the guard.

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