Lucien Scratch







Cutie Mark:

Dollar sign

Sexual Orientation:




Award Officer
This user is an AOS Canon officer.

After having an affair with him, ChickenScratch's mother died during birth. Without do much as a single moment of deliberation, Lucien put Scratch up for adoption, and washed his hands of the whole mess. Scratch doesn't know him, and while Lucien hasn't seen her since she was born, he would recognize those eyes anywhere. Same color scheme as ChickenScratch, but with red eyes. His mane is slicked back and he wears expensive suits and eyewear. Lucien, often referred to as Old Scratch, is a businesspony, opportunist, ChickenScratch's father, and a classy, gentlemanly bag of sleaze. He's filthy rich, and always looking to gain something, whether it be material, or immaterial, legal currency, or favours owed. It doesn't matter what it is, so long as it can be counted as an asset. Both the names "Old Scratch" and "Lucien" are blatant references to the devil. This doesn't mean he has some sort of demonic power, he's just an exceptional asshole.

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