Cutie Mark:

Stylized gust of wind

Sexual Orientation:




During Sax's battle against the Chaos Marines, he was hit with a blast of sorcerous warp-fire from the Chaos Champion; while he suffered no immediate adverse affects, he was shocked to discover that his sword, the God-Slayer, was transforming in his hands. Dropping the blade, he was even more stunned when the transformation was completed and the blade had turned into a full-grown Equestrian. Kusanagi remained there for the next several minutes as Sax fought the Champion with his bare hands, but he eventually grabbed her out of desperation once his armor was shattered; fortunately for him, she retained her power-field, even in her new body. He used her to slay the Champion, and she was promptly discarded once more, as Sax had become too weak from his bodily injuries to continue using her. Once Iron Sights and Sophia Scroll returned to the Titan with Sax's comatose body, Kusanagi was found by the astropath Argus Tal; using his meager psychic abilities, he managed to unite her body and soul, and she instantly awoke. Initially confused as to why she was a pony, she quickly adjusted to her new life, being sent by Argus to find and secure Areanu and bring her back to her father. Since then, she has remained with Atta and Areanu as the girl's guardian. Kusanagi is a very no-nonsense mare. She has no time for foolishness, and she is only concerned with the safety of those she sees as her masters. As such, she is loyal to a fault, refusing to leave Atta and Areanu's side, even if it endangers her own life. Kusanagi can command gale-force winds, and her horn still retains the power-field she wielded as Sax's deadliest blade. Her cutie mark is a stylized gust of wind (not pictured). Being in a relationship is something that has never even crossed her mind; she simply doesn't have time for it.

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