I'm a good character again!







Cutie Mark:

Hammer with a blue aura around it

Sexual Orientation:



Andrew Clone 1.5 (Rival)

Combat Ranking:


Personality: Bold, she's usually looking for a good challenge. She tries to keep a good appearance in front of others as to avoid being belittled for being a mare. Somewhat of the quiet type around strangers. She can also be very flexible insituations and stubborn about others who tell her to do things "by the book".

Born to a mid-class family, her father of noble class was shocked to find that his first born was a filly. Despite this, he still gave her the love he would give any of his children. As she grew up, she would always look up to him, sneaking in on his practices with other guards and even imitating his skills in the nearby woods during her spare time. As time went on, she would start putting the practice of making items to help her get through things like practice and chores more easily. She would discover craftsmanship to be her special talent and obtain her cutie mark; a mallet with a blue aura around it. Her father would soon find out about her passion and would help her reach her goals to be more like him. Although she took her training seriously and proved to be a hard worker, she would tend to go her own ways and try to discover new routes to dealing with goals. This trait would follow her through the years when she finally grew old enough to join the guard. There, she continued to train hard and learn the basics of arcane magic, but her want to be more like her father pushed her to have some skill with melee weapons as well.

In the guard, she would usually be sent to spend long periods of time in the many forests in Equestria. On her way back to where she hoped to be on her way to home, she ended up finding her way to the mansion instead.

During her stay there, she would soon find herself a rival named Andrew. It seemed that they would always find a way to get at each other, no matter what the topic really was. Along with this, she also managed to find some acquaintances during her stay.

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