Jet Stream
Jet stream
"I can't let you do that."







Cutie Mark:


Sexual Orientation:




Jet Stream hasn't revealed much about his personal history to anyone outside of the Sons of Equestria; he hasn't even been seen in weeks. It's very likely that he's changed radically from the shy colt that Nimble Wing helped to comfort so long ago. Last he was seen, Jet Stream was shy, yet slightly proud of his own speed; he himself claimed to be one of the fastest pegasus recruits for the Sons. He is also afraid that he won't be able to live up to the standards of the Equus Astartes; fears that Chapter Master Sax himself helped lay to rest. Jet Stream is one of the fastest Sons recruits yet, marking him as a likely candidate as an officer amongst the lightning-fast Assault Marine branch of the Sons of Equestria. Last he was seen, his cutie mark still hadn't revealed itself. As an Equus Astartes, he is unconcerned with emotions such as "love."

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