Hello darlings~







Cutie Mark:

3 Wings around a Halo

Sexual Orientation:



Theta Vanish

Combat Ranking:


Iridescence was born in Cloudsdale, but she never felt she was meant for a life in the weather factory. That place was yucky and it required manual work... and that's no fun. No, Iridescence always knew she was meant for greater things; glamour, fashion, she wanted to see the world outside of Cloudsdale. She was especially enamored with modeling. She had always been a very pretty pony, and she loved the sleek aerodynamic designs that pegasi wore, and she just wanted to try them all! She discovered she had a knack for graceful flying as well, and when she auditioned for a Canterlot fashion show, the judges were in awe. Iridescence is easy enough to get along with, she is very prim, proper, and neat. She doesn't like to do anything that requires her to lift something heavier than a dinner plate, and as such can get on the nerves of certain ponies. But, she generally goes the route of the "nobless oblige" by being generally nice and easy-going, often standing up for those who get picked on.

Since her arrival at the Mansion, Iridescence met a kind stallion by the name of Theta. Theta is a math teacher, he is shy, he is physically weak, and he is blind. However, to Iridescence, this was something new and oddly refreshing. He grew to enjoy her company, and did so based on his own person opinion of her based on her actions. Because he cannot see, he cannot judge her based on her looks. He is incapable of mal-intent as far as that goes, so she has no reason to worry that he is being nice to her to get in her pants like many other stallions before him. He is genuine, and he is sweet and kind to her. Before she knew it, she found herself falling in love with Theta, and he reciprocated those feelings.

(Author's Note: ThetaXIridescence is the most HHNNNNNGGGHH inducing ship I have ever done. EVER)