Cutie Mark:


Sexual Orientation:




Hovka come from faraway land, where ees not important. Things that are important though! Hovka inherited local couch store, owned by his family for generations! Hovka make his ancestors proud with the many fine couches he made, until, one fateful day! Equestrian store chain Quills and Sofas open new store in Hovka's town, provide cheap, poorly made sofas ! Hovka is not able to compete, Hovka refuses to make a less than perfect couch! unable to keep the family store open, and leaves homeland in shame! Hovka wanders the world, the shame of his family, unable to return to the lands he was raise in until he finds a way to re-establish his family's store, restoring honor to his family! Hovka ees not talkative, preferring to practice his glorious trade, and provide the mansion with only the highest quality couches! Hovka comes from a long and glorious line of couch-makers, and like everypony in his family before him, acquired a couch cutie mark at a young age. Hovka is a skilled couch-maker himself, and uses his magic to assist him in his trade, and to manipulate nearby couches as needed. Hovka has grown old, and does not wish to be the one to carries on his family name; leaving him uninterested in such relationships. Hovka cares not for petty conflicts, and is only at the mansion to refine his trade, not to fight.

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