Cutie Mark:


Sexual Orientation:




Born in to a family of jewl farmers from a very young age she was trained in to the family profession. Having very poor eyesight she was unable to tell jewls apart which were the same color. Realizing that this would inhibit her future, her family took her to a doctor. In an attempt to fix her sight, a mishap occured, shattering her horn, and rendering her blind in the process. Her family knew that she would no longer be able to find jewls without magic or sight. Locking her at home, refusing to let her leave the house pushed Hematite farther away from sanity, and soon after she was sent away to Silent Ponyville Asylum, for the murder of her siblings and parents, as well as the consumption of their flesh. During her stay in Silent Ponyville a rutial took place, transforming a unicorn into a god. During the ceramony everypony had either fled at the rise of the diety, or stayed in worship, allowing Hematite to leave the Asylum. Remaining in Silent Ponyville for a small number of years, she came in contact with a group of ponies, saying they came from a place called "The Oblivious Mansion." the group deicded she should return with them, bringing her here.

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