General Vladimir
General Vladimir







Cutie Mark:

Hammer and Sickle with a sat and two olive branches

Sexual Orientation:




Vladimir's childhood wasn't that of the best not having a family and a small and scrawny young colt he often spent his days running from place to place simply trying to make it another day.
The small Russian town that he grew up in was no place for anypony who couldn't protect themselves. He would often find himself either taking bread from a local bakery or running from older and stronger pony's who wanted whatever he had. Upon his 7th birthday while roaming about the town he saw a pony in a sleek and nice Military uniform hanging up a Poster of a large and muscular Stallion. The poster's message in yellow read "To Protect and Serve"
3 days after seeing the poster he visited a officer at a local bar in the town and after discussing why he wanted to join the Military he was gladly accepted and transported to a Military base far away from any other towns.
Throughout the years Vladimir was trained both Physically and mentally the once small and scrawny colt had been turned into a Huge muscular red Stallion who feared no pony now. At the age of 20 he quickly rose through the ranks at the top of his class and was given the commanding position of a elite group of Soldiers deemed "Spetsnaz" he became good friends with them he particularly loved going to the bar located on the base and drinking with them all and cherished their friendship.
Until he and his team were assigned a mission and where taken prisoner by the enemy troops.he and his team went through 6 years of brutal torture at the hands of the enemy. luckily he was able to escape sadly he was the only one to make it out alive he has become mentally scared of the images that he saw while being tortured. Upon his return he was promoted to the the rank of General. The promotion meant nothing to him but a new name to be refereed to he eventually developed a drinking habit at the lose of his friends.
On his 29th birthday he had recently gotten drunk and was exiting the bar and heading to his private estate near the place that is reserved for high ranking officers. He never made it to the building instead he passed out while taking a shortcut in a grassy field, Upon waking up he was on the front lawn of a big mansion that loomed nearby. he rose to his hoofs and headed toward the mansion to see what awaited him. He enjoyed his first day stay and has come upon a good friendship with Roman Candle, Patches, and other various ponys. Patches was even able to give him the gift of flight once again by surgicaly attaching a pair of wings onto his body, patches would also later perform a liver transplant which can be proven by the scar of Vlads chest....aside from all his other numerous scars. He later left the mansion in search of finding out what happened to his Home, He was rescued however and brought back to the mansion and is living out his life the best he can having been deemed a traitor in his home he was stripped of his military rank.


He is normally friendly but is haunted by the actions that where done to him and has the small chance of becoming hostile due to them other than that hes often calm and happy. His cutie mark is the Soviet hammer and Sickle with a sat and two olive branches. hes excellent at hoof to hoof combat and is trained to never back down. He is no longer an alchoholic but he could slip back into his bad dark habbit.