Gearwheel "Geary" Hackwrench







Cutie Mark:

Two gears

Sexual Orientation:




Combat Level:


History: Gearwheel, or just Geary, was born and lived in Yellowmount -- a little town very far from Equestria, and this fact explains his terrible English. He lived a usual scientist life, trying to find non-magical source of power that ancient ponies used many centuries ago. He lived as a hermit most of his life, but just a year ago he found the answer to everything. This discovery forever changed his life.

Energenium. Too pathetic name for an element, but it contained a lot of energy. Maybe it wasn't really tasty, but when being immolated, it makes a blast that can be used for moving something. "The era of steam was over. Now it's time for more efficien fuel", - he said. He started to invent. Of course, in top secret.

But after he tested flying on his newly-made jetpack, Yellowmount's government proved that he was guilty for pretending to be an alicorn. He was banished from his country, and he flew to Equestria for a better life.

After 4 days of flying across the ocean, he stopped in the Mansion, where he met Mobius One and Mystic Bolt.

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