Eddie Shy


56 (Looks 26)





Cutie Mark:

Similar to Brinkles McGee's cutiemark but with added wings

Sexual Orientation:



Married to N/A

Enlisting in the Army as a blank flank at age 19 he discovered his special talent to be combat(much like Brinkles McGee). The Army realizing this talent took him and gave him the best training they could, and named him leader of an elite group in the Army known as 'The Elite 10'. He led this group through various missions during the cold war and throughout Vietnam. They never failed a mission. During the cold war though he was affected by a failed nuclear test, causing his ageing process to slow, but giving his main a grey tint. (Nuclear war and Russia. I ain't gotta explain shit). He's pretty much Clint Eastwood in a Pony's body.His special talent is Combat, Similar to Brinkles McGee but with Pegasus Wings.

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