Cutie Mark:

Hour Glass

Sexual Orientation:




Combat Ranking:


Used to roll with mansion crew back in the times when jellyfish came out of nowhere and cheese roamed wild throughout the plains. Once lived in the T.A.R.D.I.S. in a room of the mansion but mysteriously disappeared. His home town was Gallopfrey and he hates pears, a lot. Cares about other people and is quite social. There are also times when he can become introverted and un-talkative. Ignorant and clever at the same time. Can be pompous as a result of immense self confidence. Usually is virally ecstatic about everything.

The good Doctor was also recently a disembodied brain until Inferno was led down to the ECD (Equestrian Council of Decisions) by The Butler, who had been given The Doctor's body and sent to spy on the mansion with the alibi of keeping the grounds. Inferno then found the ECD in a state of corruption. This corruption was led by Colin Tester who had found an immortality formula that would work with the brains of dead Equestrians and bring them to life once more. He then assembled every figure of history in Equestria and beyond to join him in his new Council. However a side effect of the immortality ooze was that whomsoever was placed in it had their mind warped and became barking mad. Colin set himself up as ruler of The Council, and for many a year horrible disasters were caused by him and his lackeys. Eventually The Doctor heard of this and set out to stop Colin. This sadly cost The Doctor his body and he was put into a tank along with the rest of them. Although Colin was now powerless he set out to cause The Doctor as much greif and cruelty as possible. Infenro, after figuring all this out for himself sued the Sonic Scredriver to render Colin's power over the others null. He then performed emergency brain surgery on The Doctor and afterwards The Doctor put The Butler in charge of the other minds. They now roam the grounds and occasionally clean up the messes that materialize.

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