Da Sneak
Da Sneak


N/A possibly as old as Bio Hazard





Cutie Mark:


Sexual Orientation:




Award Officer
This user is an AOS Canon officer.

Bio Hazard's never told anyone how exactly he and Sneak met; all they know is that the bizarre ork currently works as the pony's lab assistant. He hasn't done anything noteworthy in the mansion, aside from helping Bio Hazard and Solen with the occasional "ecksperiment," as he likes to call them. Sneak is an odd specimen of an ork; he doesn't enjoy fighting as much as he does creating different zany contraptions and using them to sneak around unnoticed, hence his name. He's nice enough, but he tends to be shy around Marines or anyone associated with the Imperium in general. As he's an ork, he has no cutie mark. However, he often utilizes the power of the "Waaagh!" to make his improbable inventions work: if he believes something will work, then it will, no matter how roughshod its construction may be. Sneak has literally no interest in the opposite sex; his entire goal in life is to create "da next big fing in siantz."

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