Anthromorphic Bunny



Cutie Mark:


Sexual Orientation:




Cucumber (preferably called Cuco. Don't ask about his name either. In fact he'll just say Cuco when ya meet him. Uhhh what was I doing again?... OH YEAH Character apply uhhh...) Uhhh... Cucumber comes from a family living in a house in the middle of basically nowhere grassland in a different world. He's a magician and a pretty good one at that. He just doesn't realize it. He was practicing a rather powerful spell as a dare and zapped himself into this dimension of... Talking horse (Yeah he rally should have positioned his foot left instead of right). He was chased by a group of thug ponies. He was saved by another oddity that looks like a dragon but that's a different story. He was thankfully taken care of by the nice dragon thing's pony friends. Afterwards he left them some baked goods he made and left (He's also a decent pastry chef). He's been wandering and came across... Wait... Is this a mansion or some crap... uhhh Whatever I don't have much else to say.... He has a backpack full of useful stuff and a magic wand... Yeah...) Oh and he also has these orbs of elements... He was supposed to be a hero to his world but now he's stuck here. Because of this he gives off a very noticeable magical residue to those that can sense it.

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