Cutie Mark:

Heart suspended by string

Sexual Orientation:




As a young filly, she was orphaned by her asshole of a father after her mother died giving birth. She fled the orphanage at a young age, and flitted from household to household, gathering sympathy, taking what she needed, and then leaving when the going got rough. The last such household was the Oblivious mansion, but after Dulset Tarn "adopted" adopted her, a feud broke out between Obliviouspony and Scratch. Following a kidnapping at the hands of pirates, she came into possesion of the Black Pearl, but she only uses it as a mode of transportation and a home. Now that Blivvy is never at the mansion anymore, she's willing to anchor her ship next to the mansion so that she can visit her friends and her marefriend Dashy. She's quite adverse to violence, and prefers to nip things at the bud, hypnotizing aggressors. Though she was once in the habit of collecting other ponies as pets, she has given up due to certain failures and her recent relationship with Dashy. Her cutie mark is a heart suspended by strings, symbolizing how she manipulates those around her, and has a way of... Tugging at the heartstrings~ Her mismatched red and blue eyes slowly turn purple, and provided she can concentrate and maintain eye contact, looking into her eyes will lull you into a stupor where your free will is oh so bendable. I call it hypnotism for the sake of not having to type out long-ass descriptions, but it's not really hypnotism. I don't roll for it because I generally discuss it with the poster beforehand, and give lots of wiggle room for escape. She is bi,with Dashy. Don't try anything, you'll hurt yourself. Just ask Brinkles. She is not a stellar flyer. Gets tired really fast when she has to fly for more than short distances. Her real name is Melanie, but I doubt that will ever come up, as she doesn't like the idea of going by something that her ather gave to her, rather going by a childhood moniker.

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