Katana Wallpaper Simple Dark by Assassin00

Blade's main weapon The Katana, a sword that took smith three years to construct

Blade Armory
Teen Smith clothed







Cutie Mark:


Sexual Orientation:



Son of Smith Armory



Revived due to smith selling his soul for the ability to re-build his family. he then set out on his own to build his own legacy. He is polite at times but occasionally has a short fuse. He is very good with swords and swordplay. has learned a few defencive spells from smith. He is straight, if it ain't a mare it ain't for him. he likes older mares though. He tends to doze off and stares off into space. he has a short attention span and likes to wander places.

while he was still young he was part of a mass murder of the armory clan and he was one of the casualties. when smith sold his soul to revive the armory clan he was the first one revived. he then learned swordplay form smith and then Fitsy Swords. afterwards he went on orion and earned his cutie mark. now-a-days he works as a sell-sword and works for jut the thrill of battle.

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Blade's second sword.

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