Bio Hazard
Bio Lab Ecstatic







Cutie Mark:

A beaker filled with a green liquid

Sexual Orientation:




Award Officer
This user is an AOS Canon officer.

Hails from Russia, he is a chemist with a love for poisons. He was originally to be executed, but with the help of his assistant Da Sneak, he talked his way into deportation instead. The reasons for his original execution are unknown at this time it is also unknown how Da Sneak and Bio met up. His parents are unknown, presumed dead by toxins. He is overly happy, he is the kinda of pony who would laugh at your joke while drinking tea. But the moment you turn your back he will pour poison into it and continue laughing. His Cutiemark is a green vial and his special talent is making poisons.

Award Star
This user has completed Age of /rp/
Award Star
This user has completed Age of Change
Award Star
This user has completed Age of Post

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