Earth Pony



Cutie Mark:

Anchor with a slipknot tied around it.

Sexual Orientation:




Award Officer
This user is an AOS Canon officer.

Born and bred a seaman, Arpeggio has spent more of his life on a ship and over the water more than he has bumming around port cities and getting into drunken brawls. He's mostly tucked that part of his life away, being too old, but he's still good for a fight. He spends his days aboard the Black Pearl, keeping the ship running and in top condition, but he occasionally makes his way landward for a drink and pleasurable company.

He's tough, but he's got a soft spot for younger ponies, and always loves to help out, hopefully leaving a good impression that lasts. Born and raised in Tortuga, he found his knack for being the "Jack of all trades" aboard any ship. Not much else to tell, is there? He's basically a ponified Gibbs from Pirates of the Carribean. He is a Barrel chested, dark brown earth pony, who's coat is beginning to dull in colour.