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Apfelblüte or formerly known as 'Apple Bloom' is a dammed soul of a filly that was killed shortly after summoning a demon in attempt to recieve her Cutie Mark.

In her former life, Apple Bloom was the youngest of two older siblings, Apple Jack and Big Macintosh, and was born and raised at Sweetapple Acres, an Apple Farm located just outside of Ponyville.

Death and AfterlifeEdit

Apple Bloom had always been obsessed with getting her cutie mark, so when Sweetie Belle suggested that they try to summon demons for their cutie marks, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo were onboard, even though it seemed like a bad idea.

The ritual was a blur, it happened so quick, before the fillies knew what was happening they were all swept away by different demons. Apple Bloom was drug out of her clubhouse to the Everfree Forest by her summoned demon, a tall muscular behemoth who would call himself "The Collector", she was tied to a tree and cut open with a large sword that the demon carried with him. Using his magic, the demon kept her awake as he carried out the painful procedure of pulling out her intestines, after he was done he left the filly alone to die, which finally occurred several agonizing hours later when she subcummed to severe blood loss. After death, the demon repaired her body by crudly stuffing her organs back in and sewing her back up. After repairing her body he would then permanently infuse her soul into it, attatching it to a heavy-gage chain that can be seen coming out from her chest. This chain was not only to help weigh her soul down, but to also acted as a reminder of her sins and to mark her as his property.

After an undisclosed amount of time, Apfel eventually manages to escape thanks to the help of an attempted uprising by a group of other slaves. Though the attempt ultimately fails, it offered enough of a distraction for Apfel to navigate and escape back to the land of the living. After escaping, Apfel would return to her old home to find it abandoned, she'd also find a single tombstone out in the front pasture that bared her name. It was obvious to her now that her family had moved on and there was no place for her anymore. Apfelblüte's mourning was soon cut sort when she discovered that she had been tailed by a couple of monsters that were sent by her master to recapture her. She would flee and evade them for a few days until finally stumbling upon the mansion. Exhausted and unable to run anymore, her fate lied in the hooves of Andrew Swiftwing and Pyro Spark who were able to successfully fight them off. For now anyway.

Apfel is now slowly starting her life as a new in the mansion. She already befriended several other ponies, most notably Solen and Andrew Swiftwing (Or now known as Andrew Popper) and has even began training with Lydia and MonoChromio. Despite still calling herself Apple Bloom, Apfel is starting her life again as a new.

Resurrection and New LifeEdit

Under consturction.


As a dammed soul, Apfel developed a unique ability to read other ponies souls.


This user has completed The Resident Stable Arc

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