Anana "Anna" Umbra




Bat Pony



Cutie Mark:

Flower from a dragon fruit.

Sexual Orientation:




Combat Ranking:


Award Officer
This user is an AOS Canon officer.

Most hear bat pony, and their minds drift to a fierce night fighter. Guards of Luna, and leaders of shadow shrouded operations. Most look at Anna, and see a pony that can't take the sight of blood.Born to a family of proud fighters and guards, Anna discovered early that she had a major handicap keeping her from a military career, namely a severe case of Hemophobia. The very sight of blood sending her running, and even making her ill at times. Even in movies and games, she has trouble looking at the screen, let alone playing.Now, what does a bat pony who can't take the sight of blood do for a living? Well, for Anna, she found answer in gardening. She made a living tending to the gardens around Canterlot, offering night time work, for ponies who did not want their lawns being worked on during the day for appearance reasons. Being a bat pony, her natural affinity for the night, and excellent night vision helped her work without glaring lights.Once she made enough to survive, she left Canterlot to explore, and learn all she could about the few rare plants that thrive under the moon light. Eventually, she found the mansion. With bits running low, she hopes that someone may need a plant tended to, or a garden harvested.

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