Andrew Clone 1.5







Cutie Mark:

A pink and blue crest with a red heart in the middle

Sexual Orientation:



Mother: Lt.Chromia Meriam Dash Brother:MonoChromio

Combat Ranking:

A Hoof-to-hoof

B With Projectiles

After the death of Andrew Swiftwing, doctor Pill Popper gathered a seed from him, mixed it with a gorilla egg, and developed a young clone of him to live on his legacy. She sped up his growth while in the cloning tube to be 5 years old, and with no recollection of who he was, or is now supposed to be, Andrew would wander the mansion, until shown to Andrew Swiftwing through a mirror by Discord. Swiftwing told Andrew all he could, but the main point was to find Lt. Dashy, get him into Vaecordia, and to train to be on her team again. He was in there until the age of 18, training hard with Lt. Dashy and developing a close bond with her. He is now ready to fight. He is a bit playful, though clumsy, and strong. The years in Vaecordia changed him and made him a bit more serious and caring, or loyal towards his commander. He can get very protective,and is also a huge mamasboy.

Andrew's current look.


Andrew at age 18

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