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Welcome to An Oblivious Story!

This is the place where we'll type stuff for you to read!

What is An Oblivious Story?

Describe AOS?

Drama, fights, gods, insanity, craziness, SHIPPING, more fights, story arcs, SHIPPING, memory loss, gods, fights, and SHIPPING.

Oh, and there are ponies, too.

... But mostly shipping.

Ok, in all seriousness:

An Oblivious Story is a series of roleplays based in the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that takes place on the /rp/ board of Ponychan.

It is based around the Oblivioius Mansion, which originally belonged to ObliviousPony. Basically put, ObliviousPony (known as Blivvy by most) is Ponychan's Batman. He lived in a town called /oat/ville, which is a tribute to the birthplace of the Mansion Threads, the /oat/ board on Ponychan.

The mansion was created for Blivvy by the Genie of the Lamp, and is magically fortified. When destroyed, it can easily be repaired. It has become a hub of sorts for all kinds of people, ponies, and other various creatures. There have been various adventures, battles, and drama causing scenes go through this mansion. It's a place of wonders and horrors. We all love it.

There are also some side stories based off of the Mansion, such as the Orion and the Black Pearl RPs, but those will be discussed elsewhere.

A page describing the complete history of AOS, as well as its story arcs, will be written up at some point.

-Nimble Wing

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